Saturday, August 30, 2003

Mercury News | 08/29/2003 | Canada's Internet pharmacies hurting from industry steps to halt U.S. sales: "Canada's Internet pharmacies hurting from industry steps to halt U.S. sales"

Another reason it's a very bad idea to be sick, elderly, or poor in the U.S. The message seems to be, 'If you don't like being poor, sick or elderly then do something about it... Go get your own damn oil well.'

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Identify the exchange

I'm currently co-authoring a book. I spent today exchanging emails with our publisher. He tells me that his new writers have two main problems:

1. They don't stick to the book's premise.
2. They don't think of the reader's needs.

The publisher tells me, "Identify the exchange!"

So, I think, what is the exchange between myself and a reader?

Ideally I give -- entertainment, inspiration, and information that empowers the reader.
And ideally I get -- 50 cents, and word of mouth advertising.

Which leads to the question, "What's entertaining?"

I'm currently reading Paul Theroux's book, "The Happy Isles of Oceania". I find it enormously entertaining. And what makes it entertaining for me is Theroux's honest, keenly observed, human stories. Like the account of the beach comber who lives on a deserted beach in northern Austrailia. He collects fishing floats and flotsam from the beach. He is building a raft out of this flotsam, which he plans to sail around the northern tip of Australia.

That's entertaining!

Of course, it helps that Theroux is a genius.

From the Warsaw Business Journal: Zbigniew Piekarski on why the bull run is about to end.:

"I live in the center of Warsaw. The two nearest supermarkets are Sezam and Albert. I stopped shopping in Sezam because they effect sporadic stock-taking during working hours, run out of popular items, and have a fresh bread oven in the corner that hasn't been used for more than nine months... "

Monday, August 25, 2003

Dean for America: Home

Is it time to get involved?

The fiscal, political, and security policies of the bush-crony administration are likely to destroy the nation. Sure, the 'crony bunch' will get rich, but in exchange they will leave our children living in a hated nation with no health care, insitutionalized poverty, few allies, and perpetual war.

In the process they get to destroy social security.

That, to me, is profoundly anti-american.

And by the way, where's Ken Lay these days? Why isn't he in jail? Why haven't his assets been siezed? Could it have anything to do with campaign contributions?

Howard Dean

"Since the time of Thomas Paine and John Adams, our founders implored that we were not to be the new Rome. We are not to conquer and suppress other nations to submit to our will. ... We must rejoin the world community. America is far stronger as the moral and military leader of the world than we will ever be by relying solely on military power. ... [T]here is a fundamental difference between the defense of our nation and the doctrine of preemptive war espoused by this administration. The President's group of narrow-minded ideological advisors are undermining our nation's greatness in the world. They have embraced a form of unilateralism that is even more dangerous than isolationism. ... [T]hey would present our face to the world as a dominant power."

For some reason I have been unable to sleep for the last few nights. I go to bed around 11, lie there wide awake, and finally get up and read, or browse the web.

The up-side is that I find lots of interesting web sites, and catch up on my reading.

The down-side is that my sleep schedule puts me completely out of whack with the rest of the world.

I've noticed for years that my 'normal' sleep hours are exactly the opposite of everyone elses. When I'm on vacation, or working from home, my sleep schedule invariably starts to slip. After a few weeks I'm up writing from 11pm until 6 am.

In many ways, this is the time of day I like best. I'm more alert than any other time of day. Right now, I can feel the cool night air through the open window and hear the night insects outside. The whole world seems calm.

After being up all night, I fall asleep about 8 am. I sleep for five hours and wake feeling guilty for being asleep all morning.

New Google Toolbar

I've just upgraded to the new google toolbar, and it is neat! Especially the little 'blog' button that allows me to link any web page directly into the blog. For example,Should inflation be worrying us now? - AME Info FN

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Bullish news for red wine

Lake County is rapidly filling with vineyards and wineries. This research can only mean more demand for red wine. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Clue to elixir of life: "Clue to elixir of life"
Rebuilding Iraq

An Op-Ed piece in the New York Times. If what they say about current conditions is true, we are in big, big trouble. A Six-Month Revival Plan for Iraq
Thomas Friedman writing on why the US needs to dedicate money, people, and will to the rebuilding of Iraq. Immediately. Fighting 'The Big One'

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Lovely weather

70's and low 80's the last couple days. Positively balmy.

The goats, plants, cats and dogs are doing well.

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